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The Rumelhart Prize medallion

montage showing sketch with finished medallions

The David E Rumelhart Prize was conceived to honour outstanding research in formal approaches to human cognition. In May 2010 David was approached by the committee to design a bronze medallion that would be awarded to past, present and future winners.

Using photos sourced from David Rumelhart’s former students and collaborators the artist fused the scientist’s memorable features with his customary pose before answering a question where he would caress his beard with his fingers.

The design for reverse side of the medallion was selected from 40 original drawings by the artist. The final choice shows two heads in profile looking at one another into the centre. Waves and flowing lines connect the heads to represent communication and understanding. In the centre is a version of the ‘Psy’ symbol which is harmonized with more curves or waves recognizable in graphs and tables showing results of surveys and experiments.

see how the medallion was made

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